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 Feel Anxious, Stressed or have trouble Sleeping? This is for You!

Our technologies encourage and enhance the brain’s natural plasticity, its “healing” ability. Neuroplasticity.

By doing this, selected brainwave frequencies and patterns will improve sleep patterns, reduce anxiety and feeling of stress.

Better relaxation and feelings of well being occur! Meditate more easily!  The more you use it, the better it is!

  • HappyBrainWaves™ CD is about improving  health and well-being.
  • Children, teenagers, adults and “Baby Boomers”  as well as our older folk can all benefit!
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Anxiety Stress Disorders

Many of us experience physical, mental or spiritual challenges at times, regardless of our age or circumstances.
Most of the time we can “take it in our stride,” as we respond to these challenges.

In simple terms, anxiety is used to describe a state when a person’s reactions exceed that of what is considered normal or appropriate to the situation.
However for some of us it can be just too much, and so we seek other ways to manage our stresses and anxieties.

Here are a few anxiety disorders. More information about them in other pages. Just follow the linksSocial Anxiety

Panic Attacks                                OCD                               PTSD                                  GAD


Anxiety Stress Plus!

Other issues can benefit from this SmartSound™ Audio Technology?

NeuroSonica’s technology, Smartsound is used by Emirates and Singapore Airlines

Amazing Sound Solutions

With anxiety stress issues HappyBrainWaves™ is able to offer you an approach that is both scientific, proven and will astound you!
Our thinking and feelings depend upon our brain working correctly. This means our brainwaves operating as they should, at the right frequencies, together in the correct and optimal way.
Research has shown that unfortunately our brains don’t always do this. Sometimes we  get “stuck” into a way of thinking or feeling, and we go into our anxiety stress state. However the good news is that the many challenges we all face can be greatly helped.

We do this through “SmartSound™” our unique and highly advanced sound technologies.   Created by our partner NeuroSonica™

Techniques include binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, unique heart/brain frequencies, Schumann’s resonances, “energy chimes”, Rife frequencies, sacred Solfeggio frequencies and more!

These sound technologies move us from our “stuck” anxiety stress state, into a better more balanced healthier state.  We then feel, calmer, lighter, capable and more relaxed. We are able to deal with issues more effectively. We also sleep better!

All you have to do is listen to these special SmartSound™ audio tracks!  

Is this attractive to you? 

To check your Stress Levels              Download the Stress Test

To check  your Sleep Patterns        Download the Sleep Diary


anxietySimply click on the link here for your downloadable copy.


No anxiety stress with Missy

No anxiety stress for Missy