Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats:        Our Differences-Your Benefits

Enjoy an unsurpassed therapeutic listening experience. We spent over a decade evolving this format with its binaural beats and our unique hybrid sound. Along the way we developed many proprietary processes. These, combined with other scientific audio technologies and unique hi-end Sound-Art are very different from “Sound Therapy” or music for relaxing!
Traditional entrainment and binaural beats are forms of sound technology, and by themselves are limited and underpowered. There are various other technologies that neuroscience has proven to be far more effective. Our product combines these, as well as various proprietary processes, with clinical entrainment to produce our unique sound technologies.

Enhanced Cross-Hemispheric Communication

A major difference is our use of various beneficial frequencies. These frequencies engage the auditory system and stimulate high levels of cross-hemispheric communication. These frequency “blends” occur within the normal range of hearing as well as at the higher and lower thresholds. You will notice some of them sweeping across from one hemisphere to the other. The subsequent balancing of electrical activity in the brain and increased blood flow play an essential role in alleviating a range of conditions from stress and anxiety to insomnia, depression and ADHD. While some entrainment and binaural beats technologies do encourage a degree of cross-hemispheric communication, our use of frequencies to engage the auditory system is proving many times more effective.

Enjoy Each Session, Two Ways

Another difference you won’t find anywhere else is that HappyBrainWaves’s sessions include special asymmetrical sound technologies within our unique sound audio. This means that each session produces a different, but equally effective experience when played with reversed headphones. In fact we recommend regularly swapping headphones when listening to these sessions, especially those for relaxation or sleep. This not only varies your listening experience, but encourages additional hemispheric balancing and other neurological benefits.

The Secret Is In the Synergy

Our products are designed to deliver as many different benefits to you, the listener as possible. The benefits are neurological, psychological and auditory. Our technologies create a powerful synergy that far surpasses the benefits of any individual technology, including our use of binaural beats and clinical brainwave entrainment. The end result? Highly complex, deeply engaging soundscapes, with multiple benefits and applications.

Although we choose to keep our key proprietary processes private, here are just some of them:

Special Frequencies to Stimulate or Relax Your Brain

“There are sounds that are as good as two cups of coffee.” Dr Alfred Tomatis

To help stimulate and relax your brain we often incorporate very high or very low frequencies. Many of these are at the upper or lower thresholds of hearing. Our research in this field owes much to the pioneering work of Dr Alfred Tomatis and others into the effects of particular sound frequencies upon the brain and ears. Although we incorporate some of his understanding of frequencies, our technologies are quite different to those used in Tomatis based sound therapies.
According to Rafaele Joudry, M. Psych. “…high frequency sound stimulates, energizes and recharges the cortex of the brain, resulting in increased energy, greater learning capabilities, better memory, creativity, and a feeling of connection with others and the world around you.”

Experience Fascinating Holophonic™ 3-D Audio

We also give you a special form of brain stimulation through the strategic use of Holophonic™ sounds in some sessions. This technology, the “aural equivalent of a hologram”, was pioneered by Hugo Zuccarelli. After studying the mathematics of how the human auditory system perceives sound,he postulated the idea that the inner ear analyses sound in a holographic manner. His development of Holophonics™ has subsequently led to several international awards, recognition by the film and music industries and the scientific community, including NASA and highly respected researchers Drs. Stanislav Grof and Michael Talbot.

Binaural Beats           Plus!

Our unique hybrid sound also includes:

Schumann’s Resonance
• Heart/Brain Coherence Frequencies
• Highly complex, neurologically engaging soundscapes.
• Asymmetrical sound delivery; different sounds, pulses etc. to each ear/hemisphere
• Special compositional and studio mastering techniques
• Carefully selected bio-acoustics and hi-tech sound-art (eg at a specific Hz)

Many alternative sound technologies including:

Energy Chimes (very pure tones at specific “healing frequencies”)
Rife frequencies,
Solfeggio “sacred” frequencies…………..and much more.


Additional Benefits

“When a novel stimulus is applied to the brain, the brain lights up and cerebral blood flow increases.” Dr Thomas Budzynski

You’ll notice that Neurosonica™ soundscapes, as used by HappyBrainWavesRelaxation and Stress Reduction CD, has an extremely rich, ever changing, multi-layered complexity and many subtleties. One of the reasons we’ve gone to such great lengths to achieve this is because your brain (and ears) thrives on novelty and musical/aural complexity which are thought to greatly enhance the formation of neural connections and promote blood flow within the brain.
The deep neurological, psychological and auditory engagement produced by our audio simply does not occur with the simple, repetitive music or other sounds used on most “new age”, brainwave entrainment or relaxation audio. Unlike ours, this approach quickly leads to habituation, decreasing effectiveness……and boredom! In contrast, we have reports from many long term users that our unique hybrid sound audio is as effective now- or even more so – as it was years ago! We’re very proud that our hard work has produced audio that can be used, with great success and effectiveness, over and over for a lifetime!


The content of this page is presented with kind permission of NeuroSonica™.