Brainwave Resonance

Understanding and Harnessing Brainwave Resonance

Here you will find out about brainwave resonance, tuning forks, the Earth’s atmosphere and particularly the Schumann Resonances. But with a touch of elves, sprites and blue jets thrown in too!
Ready to go? But wait, tuning forks and elves? What have they got to do with this? Only a little I admit, but let’s go.

Elves and Sprites

Elfves Sprites Plus

The elves, sprites and blue jets are fascinating atmospheric activities indicating our atmosphere is very dynamic, and has some amazing and interesting phenomena. The implications of Schumann Resonance and we humans, our brains, health and our development are potentially, very far reaching!

Brainwave Resonance

Did you know that if you had two tuning forks near each other and struck one so that it vibrated, the one near it would also begin to vibrate in harmony at the same frequency? We call this resonating.
Many people believe that our brains and the brains of all mammals form one of the tuning forks. We, our brains that is, resonate in harmony with another vibrating body. The “other” tuning fork.
But what is this and where is this “other” tuning fork? What is this Brainwave Resonance? Is this just crazy nonsense?
Hang in there!


Schumann Resonances

The Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic waves that
Surround the earth, between the Ionosphere and the earth’s surface.
They occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second.
That is at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 hertz.
How is this so?
The earth’s surface is negatively charged and is surrounded at height by the Ionosphere.
The Ionosphere is bombarded constantly with radiation from the sun. This results in the Ionosphere being a blanket of positively charged ions.
Between the earth and the Ionosphere is the atmosphere which is called a cavity. Together they form one gigantic electrical circuit with specific electromagnetic properties that have been measured and known about for many years. This creates an electrical tension within the space between the earth and the Ionosphere. Every second there are about 1000 lightning storms worldwide, which excites the Schumann Resonances. 

Schumann Resonance excited

Exciting the Schumann Resonances


Well the amazing thing is the earth’s Schumann Resonance vibrates at its lowest frequency of 7.83Hz. This matches the Alpha rhythms of our own brains and of other mammals brains!
We are resonating to the earth’s natural frequency! Or we should be!
Is this a coincidence? Think about it.
We often feel calm when by the sea or out “in nature”. Are we are “anchoring” ourselves in this natural frequency? Many say definitely yes, but there are many factors in our modern world and lifestyle that interrupt or interfere with this process occurring properly.

The Schumann Resonance itself will fluctuate with the tides, between daytime and night time, sunspot activity and solar winds just to name a few.
The early astronauts and cosmonauts found significant health problems while in outer space away from the Schumann Resonance and earth’s positive influence. This problem was overcome by some very clever people who developed ways to re-create the right frequencies and conditions in space for people. Brainwave Resonance.


The whole concept of brainwave resonance is extremely important for our sense of well-being and our health.

The audio products HappyBrainWaves offer, use brainwave resonance to balance or tune-up one’s brainwaves.