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Hi!   I am  John Corrie B.Spec.Ed., Dip. T. (Prim), T.C.

 I have had the good fortune to meet, know and be influenced by some talented , creative and visionary people.  One thing they also share  is the desire to change people’s lives for the better. They always care.   What you find in these pages reflects an amalgam of those values and desires.  This is something of my own story……

As a young teacher, I was intrigued as to why some children learned and others had difficulty in learning. I worked with a multidisciplinary team to assess and to better understand and approach this challenge in, for me, a very new and different way. Optometry, audiology, occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy, and more, enabled me to view and respond to the child in a more holist manner. About John
The food we eat, the exercise we take, what we listen to, how we handle our emotions and thoughts, are just some of what influences and forms us.

With the advances in health and science, it is now possible to look at and respond to wellness, health and issues, such as stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression for example, in new, powerful and efficient non-intrusive ways.

 That’s very exciting to me!

We now understand a great deal about our brainwave frequencies including neuroplasticity, and how to tune these frequencies with sound and other  technologies.
We can take positive steps to enhance the quality of our lives and those of our loved ones.
The results are fantastic!
I am very pleased to share these understandings and the powerful products.

Enjoy exploring this HappyBrainWaves site.

My qualifications and experience, for those interested, are as follows.
Bachelor Special Education (Flinders ),  Diploma in Teaching (Prim), Teachers Certificate, Registered Teacher

Leadership positions included  Supervisor,  Principal,  Deputy Principal,

Fulbright Scholar

Founder and CEO, HappyBrainWaves       (Current)     

Education and Learning Consultant (Current)
Qualified Practitioner TLP (The Listening Program) Advanced Brain Technologies (Current)
Certified Provider-Bone Conduction CP-BC (Current)

Certifiied Educational Kinesiology 1 & 2  (Current)

Senior Consultant, NeuroSonica   (Current)