Relaxation Anxiety and Sleep CD

Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD


HappyBrainWave’s  Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD Program uses SmartSound, a unique, world first superior, proven technology with unrivaled effectiveness.

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Product Description

You are not sleeping well. 

 You wake up and you are not feeling rested or energized.

We all have stress in our lives, but sometimes it is much worse. The solution we offer at a one-off  super low price, for a life time of benefit for you and your family.

Our Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD  has been scientifically evaluated and shows proven EEG beneficial changes in 20 minutes!

With binaural beats, heart/brain coherence frequencies, highly complex neurologically engaging SoundScapes  Rife and Solfeggio frequencies and more, this is unsurpassed at relaxation and stress reduction.  The more you use this unique, proven, audio, the better it is for you.

“This is a great stress reduction CD. Super happy with my purchase.’ S Balsimo

“Great CD for relaxation. I will be using it in counseling sessions” Amanda

With a 3 month money back guarantee why not try it?




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