Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Are you looking for Relaxation and Stress Reduction because you are feeling stressed? You really need to relax? Are your anxiety levels very high for a whole range of reasons?  Or maybe just one very stressful  reason? Are you not sleeping well? Are an active adult?  A busy Baby Boomer or a restless Retiree?

Reduce Your Stress or Anxiety Quickly

 Transform Your Life, with this Amazing Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD.

You have probably sought other options but……… well you wouldn’t be reading this if you were relaxed and sleeping well.   So consider the following.

relaxation and stress reduction

Relaxation and Stress Reduction needed Urgently!

“Great audio for relaxation. I will be using it in counseling sessions.”                   by Amanda

“It works as advertised. The music is very soothing.”                        by S. Dahal

The  Scientific, Proven Way to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Relax with Relaxation and Stress Reduction

HappyBrainWaves has been selected and licensed by NeuroSonica to offer exclusively to you this World First in Scientific Technologies for Your Brain. It is presented in the form of a CD.  This product is unlike any other CD you have ever encountered!

 How Relaxation and Stress Reduction Program Works

Your brainwaves at any given time determine your overall state of mind. You could be relaxed, alert, asleep, focused and so on. This program uses a world’s  first sound technology. This stimulates optimal brainwave activity in the listener. This CD uses the latest scientific research and technologies to gently stimulate and deeply relax your brain.
This audio is highly effective, far surpassing the benefits of any individual technology. It is designed to help with common anxiety and health conditions.

What happens?
A noticeable reduction in stress and anxiety. The lowering of stress hormones, including cortisol.  You may also experience increased daytime energy and motivation, enhanced creativity, improved sleeping patterns and general well-being over time.   These sessions can help reduce headaches and PMT.

So if this photo reflects how you feel at times, read on……………

Relaxation and Stress Reduction urgently needed!

I urgently need Relaxation and Stress Reduction!!

 You and Your Changing Brain

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s capacity to change and adapt at any age. It is a breakthrough discovery.  It helps explain the unparalleled effectiveness and benefits of this HappyBrainWaves® product. This proven ability of your brain to change how it works, and to rewire itself is astounding! It  creates new and  beneficial brain circuits.  Regular  use of our audio CD  creates substantial  improvements in the quality of your life!
Time-frames will vary due to individual factors. However even  those with longstanding or severe conditions, the more you listen,  the quicker and the deeper the benefits become. So, to create sustainable improvements, please persist.

 In summary, Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD is :

  • Better than Classical Music or just Nature Sounds.
  • Not Subliminal or Guided Meditation-no words or voice to distract.
  • The more you listen, the more your brainwaves improve and the better you feel.
  • EEG beneficial changes proven in Alpha and Theta brainwaves after just 20 minutes.
  • Premium Audio Technology used and endorsed by Major International Airlines, to relax and calm passenger adults and children and to reduce stress and jet-lag.

 Benefits of Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Live, Relax and Sleep better with less Stress and Anxiety.
Your family and loved ones can benefit from using it too.
Panic Attacks, Headaches also managed and reduced.
Drug free. Life long benefits.
Changes your Brain Changes Your life!

Bliss. Relaxation and Stress Reduction.

Bliss, with Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Relaxation and Stress Reduction features:

No concentration, active listening or other skills required.
A Short Session 10 minute for use when time is limited.
A Longer Session 30 minute  for greater benefit.
Sessions can be repeated or combined for even stronger impact.
Headphones can be “reversed” creating additional sessions with even greater brain balancing benefit.

  3 Month, Money Back Guarantee


I started using HappyBrainWaves  Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD   a bit less than 2 months ago now.   I can say that it helped me a lot. I am a huge fan of hypnosis and visualization audio.  I find  Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD  very effective in lowering my stress levels and helping me dive in a peaceful bubble and sleep right away. Also, as English is my 4th language I tend to visualize and verbalize my dreams internally in my native language.   HappyBrainWaves is just perfect for that because there is no speaking. It fits perfectly with my personalized relaxation method. Sometimes when I am exhausted at the office and I have a short break, I listen to the CD and relax as much as if I took an hour nap!  I look forward to a downloadable version of the product so my friends can access it instantly!  Thank You!                      Meghari          5 stars    

Note: QuickFix , a powerful 10 minute track IS now available as a download!   Try it now!


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What you can do now is to Download  these extremely useful PDF files .

Stress Test

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Sleep Survey and Diary

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