Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems : Solutions for Baby Boomers

 And Retirees,  Adults, Teenagers and Children!

Tossing and turning. Tossing and turning for ages. Then eventually you do get to sleep and what happens? You wake up, look at the clock and………………….Oh No! You’ve only slept for an hour!
Doesn’t it drive you to despair? You just can’t sleep properly.
No refreshing, sound sleep through the night for you! 

sleep problems

Woman with sleep problem


This plays havoc with you (and your partner), as you can’t sleep and become increasingly anxious and stressed.
You have a sleep problem.
Eventually you did get some sleep, but it was very restless and you kept waking up, possibly several or many times, and after this broken sleep, you felt “flat” and tired. That is very understandable and what usually happens!.
This lack of sleep means your body hasn’t had the chance to experience deep restorative sleep of any significance.
You want relief for this sleep problem!

Sleep Problems man

Is this like you?

There are many factors to consider regarding any sleeping problems and issues you may have. Most important is your health, fitness, age, and the stress of issues being faced in life. In other words, sleep problems may be the sign that there are other issues in your life that may be influencing your sleep.

Sleep Problems

We covered many of these issues in the Sleep page, but they are worth repeating.
Okay, so let’s reflect on your behaviour in a typical day and see how those activities or issues may be contributing to why you can’t sleep well, and have a sleep problem. With medications it is wise not to change it without consulting your doctor, but other aspects from this list, you can probably do something about, with positive benefit.
1. Do you usually go to bed to sleep or to read?
2. Do you listen to the radio or to music?
3. Are you on any medication?
4. Have you checked the medication for side effects regarding sleeping?
5. Do/did you have a nap or two during the day?
6. Do you exercise by gardening, swimming, walking, yoga, or classes etc?
7. Do you drink coffee, cola or other caffeine drinks or alcohol after your mid-day meal?
8. Life usually has many challenges, but do you feel particularly stressed, anxious or depressed?
9. Are you ill?
Our behaviour and habits influence our brainwaves and our brainwaves influence our emotions, feelings and behaviour, including and especially our sleep.

 So How Stressed are You?  Find out using our Free Stress Test Guide.  Simply click on the image to get started.

Stress Test (2)

Brain Waves

We have have 5 levels of brainwave frequencies.
From the following information you can see that if you are fearful of something, or stressed or anxious, you will most certainly be having Gamma and or Beta brainwaves which will keep you aroused.
So for relaxing and stress or anxiety reduction we need Alpha waves leading into Theta and for a great sleep, Delta waves as well.
Gamma waves 40 Hz or +       fear, consciousness, problem solving, perception
Beta waves 13-40 Hz             active, anxious thinking, arousal, active concentration
Alpha waves 7-13 Hz             relaxation, pre-sleep, pre-awake drowsiness
Theta waves 4-7 Hz               dreams, REM sleep, deep meditation
Delta waves 4 hz and lower    deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

Binaural Beats,            and much more

You don’t need an understanding of our brainwaves  to overcome sleep problems. However they are central for  what follows next.
You may have come across the terms,” binaural beats” and “entrainment”.  There are products in the market that utilize these to induce changes in your brainwaves and thus create a more relaxed state. They usually use classical music to achieve this.  We are unique in that while incorporating both binaural beats and brainwave entrainment into our products, this is only the beginning!
The unrivaled power of our products also incorporate
• stimulation for high levels of cross-hemispheric communication
• special asymmetrical communication
• Schumman’s Resonances
• Heart/Brain Coherence frequencies
• Highly complex, neurologically engaging soundscapes
• “Energy Chimes”……(specific healing frequencies)
• Solfeggio “sacred” frequencies …. and more !!

 Please visit our page Binaural Beats for an extensive and revealing explanation.

So, What  Now?

Keep a sleep diary. Do this for two weeks or so to record your sleep patterns. Here is our free downloadable Sleep Diary. Click on the image to get started.

Sleep Diary
Review your behaviour and habits from a typical day. Can you make some lifestyle changes?

If uncertain, consult with your Health Practitioner, using the results from your Sleep Diary as additional valuable information.
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So you have nothing to lose and a great night’s sleep to gain.