Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder: Looking for Information or Help?

Social Anxiety Disorder is often characterized by a fear of any social situation. Some individuals feel nervous every time they have to leave the comfort of their home. Others become anxious about particular events. Their anxiety escalates as it gets closer to the time of the event in question. These can include business, social or family gatherings. For example attending church, a conference, party or any other social event.

A person with a social phobia will often describe their symptoms as a feeling of being sick. They may have stomach cramps and pains or they might feel headachy as if they have the flu. Their heart can feel chest pains and spasms and beat faster. Their palms may perspire too much and their faces may blush profusely when dealing with people.

A Social Anxiety Disorder  sufferer feels like everybody’s eyes are focused on them. Due to this feeling and fear it makes them feel quite anxious and they want nothing more than to run or hide from the situation.

As they feel they are being watched, they also feel they are being judged both physically and mentally and it makes them extremely self- conscious. Their self-esteem is also affected.

Their anxiety over an upcoming social gathering may last for several days or weeks. Even if they try their best to face their fears and attend the event, they still find the entire experience causes them intense discomfort. Due to their discomfort of being surrounded by people, it makes it difficult for them to win new friends, or sometimes even to maintain older friendships. They do not reach out to new people and they reject older friends’ invitations to events.

Degrees of Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia

Some people’s social phobia or social anxiety disorder is only limited to certain situations. These can include public speaking or even eating in public. However, it can also be more extensive, such as the case of someone who has a general social anxiety disorder.

Woman with social anxiety disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder


A severe disorder causes an to individual experience extreme anxiety each time they are surrounded or exposed to many people other than their own immediate family. They may suffer symptoms like nausea, trembling, headaches, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and speaking.
As with many other types of anxiety disorders, a social phobia may run in the family. Both men and women may have this disorder and it can start during childhood. It can gradually get better or it may get worse as the person reaches adulthood.

Social phobia may also exist along with any other types of anxiety disorders including depression.

Treatment : Social Anxiety Disorder

Those sufferers seeking treatment for their social anxiety disorder should tell their doctor all their symptoms. Any treatment including medications, therapies or self-help methods should be made known to the patient. The medications and their side effects should be explained in full, as there are often negative side effects.

Many individuals complain that their treatment is not effective because they do not ‘cure’ their fears or phobia. However, there are many factors that play an important role towards making the entire treatment more effective. The length of time or duration of the treatment and the manner of administration are just two of the most important factors that can significantly influence the efficiency of the treatment process. This should all be taken into consideration before deciding how effective any treatments are.