Check-out the Testimonials of some users.

After listening to HappyBrainwaves CD                          Sally K
“Looking for something to help with restless sleep? I was and after listening to this CD I felt that here was the answer. On first listen, it was nothing more than an enjoyable period of “time out”, but now after several sessions, I can just automatically relax…..like pushing a button!
Both my husband and I feel there are many and varied applications for the CD, from a mere bliss out to more concentrated assistance with healing the spirit. Now I seem to be having a much deeper and complete sleep than before….none of the previous tossing and turning endlessly!”


 “It works as advertised. The music is very soothing”.       S Dahal       5 stars


Sleep and Stress Reduction                                                Roger C
“The Title says it all! Steady and quiet listening produces a calming, quick and sound sleep…….you may not reach the second track in an alert state!
Continued use will also promote an observable re-action with Stress Reduction. Excellent for assisting to cope with modern day to day problems. This will become obvious to you, as well as family & friends.
A highly recommended product.”


“Great CD for relaxation.  I will be using it in counseling sessions”.     Amanda    5 stars


Meditation and Mindfulness                                           Tony P
“The tracks on this CD are incredibly relaxing. The complex overlays of sound-music, running water, rain made me think of being on Pandora!
It was really useful to combine this CD with some mindfulness meditation, such as concentration on the breath.
Provides a great transition from all the stress related thoughts and tension to full relaxation and the meditative state.”


“Nice transition between sound tracks.  Very calming and relaxing.”     Natashe Melendez         5 stars



 HappyBrainWaves helps you relax.                            Doug G. Connors

While I got this for my wife to help her sleep, I find it quite relaxing for a middle of the day break.  I’m not sure that I have ever heard the tape all the way through as it relaxes me.  I put it on as background ambiance, just enough to hear it and it provides soothing, relaxing feeling.  Great for a little boost to get through the day.  While the instructions recommend that you listen with headphones, I just listen through my Bose computer speakers and I get a tune-up while reviewing messages.  The CD has no music or subliminal messages.  Just sounds that resonate with your brain.  No active listening required.  Just turn on and enjoy.         


“This was a great stress reduction CD.  Super happy with my purchase!”    Sierra Balsimo       5 stars




HappyBrainWaves is just perfect for…                         Meghari

I started using HappyBrainWaves a bit less than 2 months ago now, and I can say that it helped me a lot. I am a huge fan of hypnosis and visualization audio, and I find HappyBrainWaves very effective in lowering my stress levels, helping me dive in a peaceful bubble and sleep right away. Also, as English is my 4th language I tend to visualize and verbalize my dreams internally in my native language, and HappyBrainWaves is just perfect for that because there is no speaking. It fits perfectly with my personalized relaxation method. Sometimes when I am exhausted at the office and I have a short break, I listen to the CD and relax as much as if I took an hour nap!  I look forward to a downloadable version of the product so my friends can access it instantly!  Thank You!


“I just start to use it.. It does help me much relax before I go to bed. ”      Frozenfan         5 stars



This helped me through a stressful time.                         Susan S

In the last few months I have had everything……huge stress and anxiety and feeling pretty low…which usually means sleeping difficulties.  But listening to the Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD from program, has helped me through this difficult time enormously. I have even managed to sleep, which is amazing for me.  Actually, I go out like a light and don’t even hear the CD all the way through!  I wish I had known of this a few years ago when I went through a very stressful and sad time.  I’m sure the CD would have helped then too.